Homeopathic Nutrition

Homeopathy, Functional Nutrition & Plant Medicine

Unlock the natural healing powers within you with our comprehensive range of homeopathic remedies designed to nurture your body’s inherent ability to heal and flourish.

Homeopathic Remedies

Experience the unique benefits of clinical and classical homeopathic medicine, a gentle yet profound system of energetic healing. Utilizing the principle of “like cures like.” For example: we use Allium Cepa (red onions) that often causes red, watery eyes to treat hay fever symptoms with itchy, watery eyes. Homeopathy is used to address chronic and acutes symptom patterns.

Our remedies are tailored to address a wide array of conditions, from acute traumas to chronic mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. Safe for all individuals, including those pregnant or on medication, homeopathy is the embodiment of pure energy medicine working harmoniously with your vital force.

Herbal Medicine

Enhance your healing journey with the robust properties of plant-based herbal medicine. Keagha is seasoned in natural wellness, combining herbal remedies with homeopathic treatments to invigorate and restore organ functions. This technique allows for sustained health and recovery, supporting the body’s innate ability to mend and strengthen over time.

Functional Nutrition & Supplementation

Nourish your cells through the power of food and targeted supplementation designed to optimize physiological function and address underlying health concerns. We assess your individual nutritional needs to create a personalized strategy, incorporating cultural-based foods and supplements that replenish deficiencies and boost the functioning of various organ systems.

Flower Essences

Our service extends to the delicate art of flower essence therapy, where we harness the healing vibrations of flowering plants. Customized formulations from both Edward Bach and RS Medicinals are available, offering a perfect complement to the deep work of Core Synchronism. Proven effective in pivoting away from entrenched mental and emotional patterns, flower essence therapy is an exquisite finishing touch to our holistic care.

Safe & Inclusive

We believe in the absolute safety of homeopathic treatments, making them a perfect choice for individuals of all ages and stages of life, including those pregnant or on medication.

Committed to You

Our service is grounded in an empathetic, trauma-centered approach. We use a vast homeopathic pharmacy and emphasize improving function and reducing pain through holistic therapy and education. With options for both in-person and telehealth consultations, our mission is to help you regain vitality across all levels of being.

Our Commitment to Equity & Access

The right to health is a universal human right, and here at The Lemon Tree Clinic, we are deeply committed to upholding this principle. We understand that the accessibility of healthcare is a crucial part of community wellbeing. That’s why we have designed our services to be as inclusive and affordable as possible, ensuring that no one is denied the care they need because of their financial situation.

No-Cost/Exchange-Based Clinics

At The Lemon Tree Clinic, we believe that high-quality medical care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income or insurance status. We’ve developed a unique healthcare model that supports underserved members of our community through no-cost and exchange-based clinics. We offer 1-hour appointments focused on manual therapy sessions and homeopathic consultations. Children are welcome to tag along if you do not have childcare.

Equity Fees (Sliding Scale)

Our dedication to providing accessible care comes from a deep understanding of systems of power & oppression and the financial barriers that often stand between individuals and access to necessary treatments and services. Racial equity fees are for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other people of color) and Equity fees are designed for those who face economic hurdles, such as full-time workers facing financial constraints, those who are unemployed/ underemployed, and individuals unable to work full-time due to health issues.

Health Reparations

We firmly believe in offering health care services that are aligned with healing justice. African, Black Americans and Indigenous and Native peoples are welcome to one no-cost appointment per month to ensure their healthcare needs are met with the dignity and attention they deserve.

Community Comparable Fees

Our community comparable fees is designed for individuals who have financial resources and who do not self identify with the other fee options.

Eddie Rosen

Physical Therapist

Eddie has a broad-based general practice, ranging from common musculoskeletal injuries and pain problems to orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation, spinal pain, and complex pain problems. For 45+ years (and no longer counting), Eddie has studied and used a wide variety of manual therapy/hands-on techniques. The approaches he uses are based upon biomechanics, anatomy, neurology, and the integral nature of human movement.

Eddie’s approach is best understood through experience of his work. His goal is to restore a more normal quality of movement in the various bodily systems: skeletal, articular, muscular, fascial, and visceral. The objective is an improvement in function and a reduction in pain. Directed by highly practiced perceptions, he uses his hands to apply comfortable techniques that release movement-inhibiting restrictions. This allows an improvement in ease and coherence. The application of specific techniques is tailored to your particular needs and constitution. These range from highly subtle to direct and vigorous, depending upon what will be most effective.

In the course of treatment, he will guide your perceptions and self-awareness to help you in your progress toward better movement. This improvement will continue long beyond the treatment sessions. He offers simple, specific corrective exercises and self-care suggestions as a home program.

Book With Eddie

Email Eddie to book with him, or contact our office for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Keagha Carscallen

Holistic Health Practitioner

For over two decades, Keagha Carscallen has been using manual and subtle body therapy, homeopathy, plant-based medicine, functional nutrition, and natural therapeutics as foundational medicine. Her professional craft is a culmination of long-term apprenticeships and formal education. She practices the medicines that assisted in her own recovery from a decade long, near-fatal chronic illness, opioid addiction, and medical abuse.

She specializes in working with the intricacy and complexity of chronic mental & physical illness, trauma, and injury. She has extensive experience in (not exclusive to) newborn and pediatric care, pregnancy and postpartum, pelvic floor symptoms, concussions & traumatic brain injuries, joint & spinal injuries, neurodivergency, and chronic illnesses. The medicines she employs are tools to precisely address trauma, release the injury pattern, correct the misalignment or imbalance, allowing the person’s own healing ability to take over and assist the person in regaining their vitality, on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. In addition to an in-person practice, Keagha also offers telehealth for those across the U.S. and internationally.

Keagha is humbled to practice therapies that have evolved from old bone setters in the African Diaspora, China, Europe and yogic mystics in India, and homeopathic practices of “like cures like,” stemming from indigeneity practices on every continent. Keagha’s educational praxis is to ensure these medicines are carried forward and are accessible within communities. Some of her most influential mentors, include Dr. Robert Stevens at New Mexico School of Natural Therapuetics, Trina Simms at Green Star Herbs, and Dr. Robin Murphy and Dr. Jude at Lotus Wellness Cottage.

As a white, cis woman, with strong Danish roots and Irish, German, and French Canadian branches, Keagha’s practice is based in an equitable, restorative justice and community care framework.

The services Keagha provides do not require licensure in California, nor is there any such licensure in California. As so, she is providing unlicensed healing arts service.

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